Vatican Guided Tours - Etiquette Within Vatican City

When you take one of the many Vatican guided tours on offer, there are a few things to be aware of. As a site of religious importance, there are rules governing dress and the use of cameras in certain parts of the complex. Itís best to be aware of these things before your tour.

In terms of dress, private Vatican tours have restrictions that are unlike most guided tours of Italy. However, these are perfectly understandable given the religious location. So, this means that your clothing must be appropriate and cover your shoulders and knees when you visit the religious aspects of Vatican City such as the Sistine Chapel and St Peterís Basilica. Equally, because of the value and historical importance of the works on display in the museums and galleries any knives, cutters and other sharp objects may be seized on entry. This is at the discretion of the museum personnel. In addition, if youíre carrying anything large such as an oversized backpack, tripod or cumbersome umbrellas, then these must be left at the entrance and you can retrieve them on the way out. While this service is free, itís not infallible so the most sensible thing to do if at all possible is simply not to bring such objects with you. As far as cameras are concerned, itís perfectly acceptable to take photographs and videos in many of the museums and galleries if you so wish. This doesnít apply to the Sistine Chapel, however, and the use of flash and selfie-sticks is prohibited throughout the museums and galleries.

Here at Guidaly, we want you to enjoy your tour and know what you can and canít do before you arrive. For Vatican guided tours of the highest quality, head to today and book your tour with a fully-licensed guide. We can also answer any additional questions you may have.