Vatican City Guided Tours - Donít Settle For Less

Thereís no doubt that visiting Rome is one of the most enjoyable things youíll ever experience. In fact, most people have it on their bucket list. More specifically, they want to see the Vatican and the best way to do this is via Vatican City guided tours that show you all the highlights of this superb place.

Vatican City itself has been in existence since 1929, and is ruled by the Pope. Itís officially the smallest recognized independent state in the world and is a frequent stop on guided tours of Italy. Vatican City incorporates sites of cultural and religious importance such as the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums and St Peterís Basilica, and supports itself economically through these attractions. Private Vatican tours will be able to tell you all about the peculiarity of Vatican City, as well as showing you the wonders within. If youíve ever wanted to know about particular pieces of art and sculpture within the Vatican, then a tour with a fully-qualified guide is your best option. Only with someone who is intimately acquainted with Vatican City will you get the answers you want. Itís a peculiarity of EU law that a guide doesnít have to be licensed in the city in which they operate. This leads to people with relatively little knowledge making money from unsuspecting tourists desperate for a guided tour of one of the worldís most wondrous landmarks. If you want to avoid this, try booking through a reputable agency and ask questions about the guide youíll be spending the day with.

If you book a tour through Guidaly, youíll be guaranteed a reputable tour guide. We only work with guides licensed in individual cities so our Vatican city guided tours are led by someone who is very familiar with the Vatican itself. Try visiting our website ( today and seeing the tours we have on offer.