Tour Guide In Rome - Explore The Eternal City With A Qualified Guide

The ancient city of Rome is famed worldwide for its splendid architecture and breathtaking sights. With all the possible churches and buildings to see, itís easy for first-time visitors and veterans alike to despair at the sheer volume of sights to take in. Thatís where an experienced tour guide in Rome can come in handy.

Guided tours of Italy are one of those areas where reputable companies battle with less than stellar ones for primacy. What you save in cost, you usually lose in the wealth of knowledge of your guide. A cheap, bland tour can often leave you feeling short-changed by what shouldíve been the trip of a lifetime. Since 2013, private tours of Rome donít have to be conducted by guides actually licensed for the city in which they operate. Considering that one of the primary reasons people are so eager to visit this beautiful city is because of the heritage, you can see the issue with guides who donít know the city very well. What good is hiring a guide to tell you as much about the Spanish Steps as a cursory glance through a guidebook would tell you? If youíre going to visit Rome, why not do it properly and hire someone who really knows their stuff? Donít spend all your trip with your nose in a guidebook: the eternal beauty of Rome lies in looking up and around at the splendid architecture and heritage that surrounds you on every street.

At Guidaly, we only book you onto tours operated by a tour guide in Rome who knows the city intimately. This guarantees that your once-in-a-lifetime trip wonít be ruined by inferior guides who donít know a thing about this gorgeous city. Simply head to our website ( to browse our full range of tours and book today. You wonít be disappointed.