Private Vatican Tours: Why Is A Tour Guide Important?

Private Vatican tours are often a top consideration for those looking to visit the Vatican. With so many people visiting, upwards of 17,000 a day, it can be easy to be lost in the throng of people in a place you don't really know. Plans can easily be disrupted with that much hustle and bustle going on around you. The idea of having a tour companion there with you is something that most would welcome. Unlike other guided tours of Italy, the Vatican is one of the most important places to have tour guides with you and here's why.

Not Like The Other Guided Tours Of Italy

The Vatican is a very unique place. While, geographically, within the confines of Rome, The Vatican is an internationally recognized independent state and it's the smallest. Covering just 110 acres, with a population of 842, the Vatican is approximately as big as about 80 NFL fields. Given that between 17,000 to 20,000 people will go through, for example, the Sistine Chapel every day, that's about 200 to 250 people per NFL field. Doesn't sound too bad but, that's without considering the space taken up by buildings, roads and gardens. When you do that, you soon realise how little space there is to move in the Vatican it's crowded. This is why taking on a Vatican tour guide is so important. A tour operator with local knowledge can help you navigate the city and will know how to get around in a timely manner while taking in all of the sites. They'll also know the best times to tour during the day and the best order to see the sites on the tour. Not only does this save you precious and valuable holiday time which is always so limited but it allows you to relax and enjoy your tour of the Vatican without the need for stress. A private Vatican tour and private tours of Rome allows you to truly appreciate the beautiful aesthetics for, perhaps, the only time in your life. Make your time in Rome count with professional, personal tours.

So How Do I Pick The Perfect Private Tour Of The Vatican?

When it comes to selecting the perfect private tour of the Vatican City, there are a number of definite considerations you should be aware of. The Vatican can be notoriously bad when it comes to lines. With upwards of 17,000 people there a day, it maybe might not come as a surprise. Those who go to the Vatican underprepared will often find that their experiences are somewhat ruined. This is because many people will miss out on experiences because they are caught in lines. So, how do you avoid this? Well, professional private Vatican tours will always make sure that you have the right tickets so that you don't get caught up in any unnecessary lines. Also, when it comes to the Vatican, you need to be careful of what certain people claim. Because the papacy is such a tourist hotspot, many tour operators due to a recent European Union resolution are allowed to run licensed tour guides anywhere across the European Union. This means that if you go with the wrong tour operator in Rome, you may end up with someone who has very little local knowledge, meaning that you receive wrong, misleading or only partial information. They may also be unable to properly navigate the sights in a timely manner. So, who can you trust when it comes to booking a tour of the papacy? Well, you can trust Guidaly, who offer private tours of the Vatican from local experts in Rome with specialized knowledge of the papacy's buildings.

For Your Private Vatican Tours, You Only Need Guidaly

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