Private Vatican Tour - See St Peterís Square

Are you visiting Rome for the trip of a lifetime? Are you determined to see the Vatican while youíre there? One of the most familiar sites to those whoíve seen Rome on television or in photographs is the St Peterís Square. A private Vatican tours can help you understand the history of this vast forecourt.

Itís easy to hurry through St Peterís Square. Compared to the splendor of the Sistine Chapel or the exquisite interior of St Peterís Basilica, a grand forecourt can seem rather inferior. However, itís one of the most recognizable religious sites in the world and was redesigned in the 17th century to allow as many people as possible to witness the Pope giving his blessings. This tradition has continued to this day and good private Vatican tours will extol the virtues of this wonderful open space. The obelisk at the center has a peculiar history of its own, originally erected in Egypt until Caligula ordered it moved to Rome. Itís been in its current location since 1586, and was used as the centerpiece of Berniniís extravagant plaza designed to showcase the splendor of Vatican City. Today, thousands of pilgrims flock to hear the Pope and it is one of the most famous places in the world. Any trip to Vatican City takes in St Peterís Square, but, good guided tours of Italy will stress the importance and the history of it. Donít allow St Peterís Square to be something you simply walk through. Experience the reality of it with a qualified tour guide.

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