Private Tour Vatican - Enabling You To Fully Enjoy Its Art Galleries

The Vatican is easily one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Millions flock to Rome every year, and it is a prime tourist destination for the young and old alike. A private tour Vatican could be the best thing you purchase on your trip, allowing you to see the Vatican with an expert in its art and sculptures.

If you’re interested in classical sculpture then you’ll adore what the Vatican has to offer. There are several notable galleries of sculpture that only private Vatican tours can really help you understand. One of the most popular with tourists is the Sala degli Animali, which includes numerous ancient statues of animals, as well as the Gallery of the Busts and Sala Rotonda, which includes a bronze statue of Hercules. One of the best ways to see these spectacular sights is in the company of a fully-registered guide who will point out the highlights so you don’t miss them. While guided tours of Italy can often feel like an extravagant expense, those who’ve been on them often say that they were the best aspect of their Italian journey. If you’re visiting a notable site such as the Vatican then you should enjoy all it has to offer without worrying about missing something. A guided tour is the most successful way of doing that, especially if you’re interested in specific pieces of art and sculpture that you’ll encounter along the way.

Guidaly provide guided tours of the Vatican for up to twelve people. These private tour Vatican experiences are unique thanks to the expertise of the guides we supply. While other companies may rely on a basic knowledge, Guidaly demands more from our guides, especially in their knowledge of art and sculpture. Visit for more details and to book your tour.